Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank You Notes

So, I've been really bad about sending out thank you notes. It's not that I'm not grateful! I am. But I always think I sound cheesy when I write those things. Plus, it's hard to carve out the time in the day to do that when I can't even manage a shower every day (Seriously, it got so bad last week I thought a hazmat team may have to dispose of the clothes I was wearing). So, weeks after my son was born I get a card and gift from my grandmother - who I never hear from or see. We shall call her The Thank You Note Nazi. It was very sweet of her and I have no doubt it was done out of an obligation she felt rather than actually wanting to do it. Less than a week later my father is calling me to say "Uh, can you send a thank you note to your grandmother?" What? People who went to my shower were still waiting for thank you notes at that point! I shouldn't have been surprised. This is a woman who once gave my mother a box of thank you notes as a Christmas gift. And she expected a thank you note for it. There should be medication for that. So anyway, I finally got around to sending her a thank you note (and an announcement so she'd stop complaining that she hadn't seen the baby yet). And last week, what do I get in the mail? That's right folks, a thank you note for sending her a thank you note! I only wish I was kidding. For a very brief moment I considered sending her a thank you note for the thank you note for the thank you note. :)

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