Friday, September 27, 2013

High Five for Friday

This week has been a bit rough, so its nice to look back and remember some of the fun I've had. I'm linking up with Lauren to share some of my happenings from the last week.

1) On Saturday I got invited to go see Wizard of OZ in 3D with my friend Elizabeth and her family. So awesome! It is, hands down, my favorite movie EVER and it was my first 3D movie. I'm so glad I got to go and spend some time with some great people too :)
Fun cow art they had in the lobby at the IMAX
2) Sunday found me having a surprise snow cone with Grant followed by some baseball in the park. Having spent the previous weekend out of town for work, it was great to take some time just for Grant and I to enjoy.
Snow cones and popsicles are his #1 favorite treat!
3) Also on Sunday, we stopped by Party City to check out Halloween costumes and ended up getting one for Grant. October is one of my busiest months at work so I'm glad we got his costume early so I'm not last minute (like last year). His pick? Iron Man. And he's so in love with it...asking often to see it "for just a minute" or to wear it and telling us he'll never take it off.
Immediately striking his Iron Man pose after trying it on.
I wonder if this is how Tony Stark watches TV too?
4) I had an eye appointment on Monday and got my pupils dilated for the first time. Ever. I had managed to avoid it all this time! But they got me. Aside from being blinded when I left the place, I had fun afterwards freaking out the post office workers and the grocery store clerk.
That's not weird at all.
5) At the Mountain State Fair, I randomly signed up for something and got some junk mail this week. I guess I didn't print my name clearly.
It's been 2 days and I'm still laughing about it.
Have a great weekend :)
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three Years As A Mom

My life changed the day my Mom died. I never expected to be a mom without my mom. But if we hadn't been expecting Grant, things would have been very different for me. Because of Grant, I had to get myself out of bed every day. Even before he was born. There were things to do. A job to go to. Life. I couldn't drown myself in pity parties all day. 

Then he was born. Then five months later, my Dad died. And I became what has been referred to as a "Parentless Parent". I tried reading a book about being a parentless parent (called Parentless Parents), thinking it may help with the grief (yes, I know this is not a substitute for a grief counselor) but I quickly realized this book was not for me. The author of this book was in a similar situation. She lost her mom before she had her first child and her Dad died before she'd even had her second. But this woman was very judgy on what makes a person officially parentless. And she seems to think it's ok to let yourself feel different from the people around you. And to resent your friends and family that still have one or both of their parents. She says your parents are your cheering section, the people you get to brag to because your kids may be going through things your friend's kids have already your friends may not care. Huh? My real friends care about what's going on with Grant. And I care what's going on with their kids. I didn't read much of the book before it made a permanant home on my bookshelf.

The truth is, while I would obviously LOVE to have either of my parents as a part of Grant's life, I can't resent the people in my life that still have their parents. That's just not right. When we decided to become parents I always knew that I wanted to be my own kind of mom. Obviously I learned from my mom, but I wanted to learn from me too. I didn't read parenting books or articles or magazine's because I don't care how other people think I should raise my child. 

So what has three years taught me? That I will always miss my parents. I always want to know if I was doing the same things that Grant is at his age. I don't know when I crawled, walked, talked. I can ask my aunt...but I want to ask my parents, you know? I can't imagine that going away. 

Three years has made me less lazy. Ok, three days made me less lazy! But now there are very few "lazy days" and more play days in the park, bike rides after dinner, weekend morning walks, baseball after breakfast. And I'm more willing to explore to find fun new things for us to do. I even like the beach now (for the most part) whereas before I could really take it or leave it.

Some people are natural teachers. I am not. I'm terrible at explaining things. But having a little one makes you a teacher anyway and it makes me WANT to teach. I don't want to leave everything to school, so we at least try to teach and I love helping him learn things. Trying to write, trying to read, coloring, counting, ABC's, even learning to cook (I love that he loves to be in the kitchen and asks questions and tries to do things!).

I make mistakes. He's a little spoiled. Come on, he's our only one (AND an only grandchild too). Do I want another? Yes. Will it happen? I don't know - and that makes me sad. But so far, I think we're doing good. Nothing has been as bad as some people would make you believe. Two wasn't terrible and so far three might have a bit of an attitude at times but it's been fun watching and helping him grow into his own little person. And now I have more knowledge of monster trucks and superheros than I ever thought I would. 

"A baby changes everything" how often do people tell you that, like it's a secret or some brilliant wisdom that you'd never considered before. Of course it does. If it doesn't, you're doing something wrong. It's hard. But it's so awesome.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Conversations With My Toddler

The other night on our way to dinner we passed a construction site. Grant pointed out all the equipment and then says...

Grant: Daddy. Daddy. Bull dozers are not really big. Bull dozers are not really big like you.

Husband *whispering to me*: He thinks I'm bigger than a bull dozer.

Grant *still just talking away*: Bull dozers are not really big like you. But I am. I'm getting tall. Like you Daddy.

That might be one of the cutest things he's ever said. Ever. That and telling me I looked like a princess when I put on the dress I wore for my sister-in-law's wedding. Man I love this kid! :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

3 Year Check-up

Last Thursday Grant had his 3 year check-up and it went really well!

  • Still 32 lbs (56th percentile), like I said in my 3 year update
  • Height: 40" (94th percentile) - I had said in my 3 year update that he was 38 3/4" but I'm not great at measuring him against the wall. He's actually 40" which means he's grown 5 1/4" in a year! The doctor said the average is 3 inches per year. I think he's going to be tall like his Daddy!
  • Took his blood pressure and gave him an eye test, which they've never done before.
  • Also gave him a Kindergarten prep test! The doctor was very impressed with Grant and said several times how smart he is (she noted that some of the stuff he knew was "6 year" stuff).
  • We were told we can start taking him to a dentist now since he can brush his teeth himself (we do still help, which is ok). Maybe the dentist can give us pointers on how to get him to spit!
It was so funny because Grant used to have major doctor anxiety and now it's just kinda gone. He used to cry from the minute they took his weight and height. Now he struts around there like he owns the place and sits there in his underwear chatting with the doctor. At point she asked what he likes to eat and he responded with "Umm...chicken!" while I filled in the other details. Then during the actual exam she asked him again to tell her about the stuff he likes to eat. He kind of hunched over and said "We just talked about that already!" I can tell he's comfortable with her (or maybe just wanted to show off) because when she was testing him, he came right back with the answers on just about everything...colors, shapes, counting, and even drew things for her when she asked. He did have to be coaxed into walking on his tippy toes and standing on one leg. I think he was tired of "performing", but the promise of two stickers (she knows what he likes!) did the trick.

Next [non-sick] check-up will be when he's 4 and that's when we do the Kindergarten shots. Yikes! Why is he growing up so fast?!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Grant's Real Birthday

So this was now almost two weeks ago, I still wanted to write about it. This year, we did Grant's birthday party a few weeks early because my sister-in-law and her fiancee were getting married Labor Day weekend (this past weekend - congrats Hollie & Travis!). That way there was a weekend in between. And Grant's birthday fell on a Monday this year and with missing so many days with my surgery, Grant went to school that day instead of me taking the day off with him (we did, after all, do a "birthday weekend" for him). 

So this is about Birthday Monday (or his "real" birthday).

Even though it seemed like the entire month of August was dedicated to Grant and his birthday, I really wanted Monday to be special. Especially since he wasn't spending the day with us (but, as always, I know he had fun at school). So while he was sleeping I blew up some balloons and put them all over his bedroom floor. He immediately smiled when he opened his eyes and saw them all. Then he got up and went crazy kicking them and having fun.

I also made some Cars themed cupcakes for Grant's school chums & teachers.

Look at the fun Lightning sprinkles!
We left up almost all of Grant's party decorations and I invited Husband's mom & step dad (Grant loves to spend time with Gramma & Grandpa) to come over for dinner that night. I made one of Grant's favorite meals: hot dogs, mac & cheese, and corn on the cob. Fancy, eh? It's what he likes :) So after some play time outside with the grandparents...and a little more inside, we had dinner.

Arrrrgh...pirate Grant
Settling down for his birthday dinner
After dinner, he finally got to open his presents from us. He was so excited. He saw them wrapped up in our room and has been sooo patient but so excited to open his presents.

A real wooden bat (with his name on it)
New Lightning McQueen
A kids camera!
Dusty from the movie Planes (still working on getting him to see that)
A new book - "Press Here" (he loves it)
Chutes & Ladders superhero themed! Now we're working
on the whole board game concept with him.
After that he pretty much only had eyes for his new toys (specifically Lightning & Dusty). Knowing he wouldn't eat it, I didn't make him another birthday cake. He had a popsicle with a candle in it and I made some red velvet oreo truffle bars for the rest of us (new recipe post coming soon). 

Birthday popsicle! (The candle was on a toothpick, it worked out well)
 So Grant surprised me by asking for one of the red velvet bars when he saw the rest of us eating them. Then surprised me further by actually eating half of it when I gave him one (after devouring the popsicle first).

After dessert, it was baseball in the living room with Gramma and Grandpa (and the non-wooden bat) until bath time.

Grant was all smiles and clearly had a great birthday :) 

Also, this was the longest 3rd birthday ever. On at least 4, possibly 5, separate occasions (including my sister-in-law's wedding) Grant got birthday presents from people that couldn't attend the party. I wonder what he must think about birthdays...spoiled! 
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