Tuesday, September 10, 2013

3 Year Check-up

Last Thursday Grant had his 3 year check-up and it went really well!

  • Still 32 lbs (56th percentile), like I said in my 3 year update
  • Height: 40" (94th percentile) - I had said in my 3 year update that he was 38 3/4" but I'm not great at measuring him against the wall. He's actually 40" which means he's grown 5 1/4" in a year! The doctor said the average is 3 inches per year. I think he's going to be tall like his Daddy!
  • Took his blood pressure and gave him an eye test, which they've never done before.
  • Also gave him a Kindergarten prep test! The doctor was very impressed with Grant and said several times how smart he is (she noted that some of the stuff he knew was "6 year" stuff).
  • We were told we can start taking him to a dentist now since he can brush his teeth himself (we do still help, which is ok). Maybe the dentist can give us pointers on how to get him to spit!
It was so funny because Grant used to have major doctor anxiety and now it's just kinda gone. He used to cry from the minute they took his weight and height. Now he struts around there like he owns the place and sits there in his underwear chatting with the doctor. At point she asked what he likes to eat and he responded with "Umm...chicken!" while I filled in the other details. Then during the actual exam she asked him again to tell her about the stuff he likes to eat. He kind of hunched over and said "We just talked about that already!" I can tell he's comfortable with her (or maybe just wanted to show off) because when she was testing him, he came right back with the answers on just about everything...colors, shapes, counting, and even drew things for her when she asked. He did have to be coaxed into walking on his tippy toes and standing on one leg. I think he was tired of "performing", but the promise of two stickers (she knows what he likes!) did the trick.

Next [non-sick] check-up will be when he's 4 and that's when we do the Kindergarten shots. Yikes! Why is he growing up so fast?!

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