Friday, September 6, 2013

Grant's Real Birthday

So this was now almost two weeks ago, I still wanted to write about it. This year, we did Grant's birthday party a few weeks early because my sister-in-law and her fiancee were getting married Labor Day weekend (this past weekend - congrats Hollie & Travis!). That way there was a weekend in between. And Grant's birthday fell on a Monday this year and with missing so many days with my surgery, Grant went to school that day instead of me taking the day off with him (we did, after all, do a "birthday weekend" for him). 

So this is about Birthday Monday (or his "real" birthday).

Even though it seemed like the entire month of August was dedicated to Grant and his birthday, I really wanted Monday to be special. Especially since he wasn't spending the day with us (but, as always, I know he had fun at school). So while he was sleeping I blew up some balloons and put them all over his bedroom floor. He immediately smiled when he opened his eyes and saw them all. Then he got up and went crazy kicking them and having fun.

I also made some Cars themed cupcakes for Grant's school chums & teachers.

Look at the fun Lightning sprinkles!
We left up almost all of Grant's party decorations and I invited Husband's mom & step dad (Grant loves to spend time with Gramma & Grandpa) to come over for dinner that night. I made one of Grant's favorite meals: hot dogs, mac & cheese, and corn on the cob. Fancy, eh? It's what he likes :) So after some play time outside with the grandparents...and a little more inside, we had dinner.

Arrrrgh...pirate Grant
Settling down for his birthday dinner
After dinner, he finally got to open his presents from us. He was so excited. He saw them wrapped up in our room and has been sooo patient but so excited to open his presents.

A real wooden bat (with his name on it)
New Lightning McQueen
A kids camera!
Dusty from the movie Planes (still working on getting him to see that)
A new book - "Press Here" (he loves it)
Chutes & Ladders superhero themed! Now we're working
on the whole board game concept with him.
After that he pretty much only had eyes for his new toys (specifically Lightning & Dusty). Knowing he wouldn't eat it, I didn't make him another birthday cake. He had a popsicle with a candle in it and I made some red velvet oreo truffle bars for the rest of us (new recipe post coming soon). 

Birthday popsicle! (The candle was on a toothpick, it worked out well)
 So Grant surprised me by asking for one of the red velvet bars when he saw the rest of us eating them. Then surprised me further by actually eating half of it when I gave him one (after devouring the popsicle first).

After dessert, it was baseball in the living room with Gramma and Grandpa (and the non-wooden bat) until bath time.

Grant was all smiles and clearly had a great birthday :) 

Also, this was the longest 3rd birthday ever. On at least 4, possibly 5, separate occasions (including my sister-in-law's wedding) Grant got birthday presents from people that couldn't attend the party. I wonder what he must think about birthdays...spoiled! 

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