Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mudcats Game (Birthday Weekend Continued)

So, as a continuation of yesterday's post...this is day two of Grant's "birthday weekend". Saturday evening (after fishing) we tried to take Grant to see Planes, knowing he'd love it. But the crowd outside the movie theater made Grant nervous and he didn't want to go in. No amount of coaxing (or bribing with promises of popcorn and M&Ms) could get him inside. Some situations make him very apprehensive and others (Hello, Monster Jam!) don't. It's weird but we'll try again soon.

So...speaking of apprehensive, we went to a baseball game Sunday afternoon. Remember last time? We sure do. Crying, tears, requests to go home...a hot dog...more crying. I think we only made it through 3 or 4 innings. But this time, though starting out similar, went better. We got him calmed down with some food (snow cones make everything better, don't they?) and he eventually seemed to enjoy himself.

In his brand new Yankees jersey. My mom would love it!

Grant eventually got comfortable enough to really watch the game, ask questions about the game, and yell to the players. And he got really excited when I let him take some pictures with the camera (with help, of course).

This was his vantage point with the camera.
A smile! He had fun :)
Ready to catch a foul ball!
Lovin' on Gramma
Boo-in a bad call!
So it turned out to be a really nice afternoon. The weather was amazing, our seats were great (got a 4 pack of tickets for $10 on - seriously love that site!), and Grant realized that baseball is not a form of capital punishment. I call it a win.

Maybe soon we'll Grant to the movies and show him that there's no torture chamber in there either! (Because that Planes movie looks really cute and I'm not gonna lie...I want to see it.)

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