Friday, August 9, 2013

High Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren to share some of my favorite happenings from the past week.

1) After a month or so of the "Change War" at Grant's school, we found out the winning classroom. Each classroom had a bucket to collect spare change to go towards funding a new playground in Johnston County that will accommodate children of all abilities. Grant's classroom - 2's & 3's - was combined with the 3's room. We had a big jug of change and let Grant bring some each day. He loved carrying the money to the car and then dumping it in their change bucket. AND they won! (I do get the big picture here, it was a great cause so everyone won).

2) On Sunday, I finally began my road to recovery after my surgery on Friday. I'm saying it started on Sunday because Friday and Saturday were pretty rocky days (more on that later).

3) I got a get well visit from my good friend Elizabeth and her sweet boy Henry! While their company would have been more thane enough, they also brought pretty sunflowers AND cheesecake! So I periodically broke my doctor-ordered low fat diet to indulge in some super tasty cheesecake.

4) In a crazy moment of ambition, I got out and inflated Grant's pool. It was certainly a no-no at this stage of recovery but I was going nuts all alone in the house. So after dinner that night, I took Grant outside for some great and needed play time so Husband (who'd been doing double duty taking care of me and Grant for days) could have some peace time alone. (This didn't last long because of Grant yelling "DADDY!! COME HERE!" so he could watch him too...and then the pool deflated.)

5) I got crafty! I've been eyeing this craft on Pinterest for some time and since I had all the supplies on hand and tons of time off...I made a fun, huge, number 3 to use at Grant's party and probably for pictures too.

Have a great weekend!

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