Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Day in the Life of Batman

Grant is obsessed with superheros. This is odd considering he doesn't watch the cartoons or movies or anything. I'm guessing he picked it up at school. His favorites of the moment are Iron man, Spiderman, and Batman. 

I have to admit, Batman was a disappointment for me. In my opinion, he's not really a superhero. He's just a rich guy with fancy gadgets and some time on his hands. Plus I'm not crazy about how dark the movies are (I used to love the old TV series and I actually enjoyed the movies with Michael Keaton as Batman...the other Batman's I just haven't been a fan of). My husband argued with me that Iron man isn't really a superhero either. But he is because of that weird thing in his chest. If it weren't for that then he'd just be a rich guy with fancy crap too.

Having said all that, Grant really likes Batman right now so I bought him this shirt that I found on clearance at Target one day. They had Batman and Superman and they both had capes attached! I bought Batman even though Superman is way cooler (later I went back and got Superman too). 

He thought it was pretty much the best thing ever.
A few weekends ago Grant wore it while we went out running errands. When he realized it had a cape, he went nuts. Running all over the house pretending to "fly like Batman" (Ok, does Batman actually fly?). And everywhere we went that day, he literally strutted because he was so proud of his cape.

Batman got his hair cut.
Batman likes to try on new disguises at craft stores.

Batman likes to ride his "bike" really, really fast...
And then clap for himself when he "wins the race".
Instant Superhero: just add cape
Batman had a really good day wearing his fun shirt. And was very proud of the compliments he got!

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