Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Grant's 3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday we had Grant's *gasp!* 3rd birthday party. I can't believe he's three! Well, almost. Next Monday is the real big day but we did his party early this year. We had lots of family and friends over, decorated like crazy and celebrated one special little guy with a Cars themed birthday party. 

Part of the decor. I made the number 3 in the window and
Tow Mater's sign in the background.
I was pretty proud of Mater's sign. The wheels almost didn't happen but
then Husband got them attached for me because "it made it awesome".
Activity area. I had white race cars and markers to decorate
them with, make your own race car sticker scenes, and
candy necklace kits. We only ended up coloring cars but they had fun!
Yummy food!
Grant isn't a big cake eater, so I made his
favorite marshmallows too. I lost track of
how many he ate.
This year, I enlisted Grant's help in figuring out his birthday cake. I knew he wouldn't eat it, but I wanted him to love it all the same. So he and I looked at TONS of cakes online (a task he asked to do often) and he picked one. But Husband says mine turned out better :) (also, if you notice Grant's birthday shirt in the pictures - the cake kinda matches)

When Grant saw it all finished for the first time, he gasped.
Then he asked for his toys back (yes, I stole his toys
for decoration).
I had it held up by traffic cones. Which Husband says
is the scariest thing I've ever done.

The kids didn't have much interest in food. They wanted to play. So we got out the white cars to color (and a towel because the website suggested that I get permanent markers to draw on them with and that wouldn't go well with our carpet) and the kids set to work making their own race cars.

Grant was proud of his "paint job"
So, everyone mingled and ate and Grant eventually noticed just how many presents were piled up for him. So then it was present time. Please forgive me if you went to the party don't see a picture here of him opening your present. There were a lot of presents and a lot of pictures. But he loved everything!

Getting his present opening game face on
For the most part, he was very neat and slow with his opening.
(That one was a guitar)
A football helmet and jersey!
Jake stuff!
He loves books!
Fart goop! He thought this stuff was hysterical!
Such a fun chair!
While I love planning Grant's parties and decorating and all that (Did you hear that? My husband just rolled his eyes.), I'm bad at keeping the flow at parties. And I don't know how long their supposed to last. So immediately after present opening, I got the cake ready and then awkwardly tried to hint that everyone should start singing (honestly, I'm a terrible hostess).

The birthday boy did not indulge in cake. I knew he wouldn't. Plus he'd eaten enough marshmallows to keep him on a sugar high until bedtime.

More random pictures from the day:

Loving his whoopee cushion. Boys love anything that makes fart noises!

My sweet boy :)
He really loves his new football outfit, even if
it doesn't quite fit yet!

Celebrating his catch with "his fans"

A post-party jam session with Gramma on his new guitar
Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us. Grant was so looking forward to his party and he really had the best day! Thank you SO much!

For anyone curious about the marshmallows (which were a big hit), you can find the recipe and instructions HERE.

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