Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Recipe: Jell-O Marshmallows (Halloween Version!)

I came across this recipe shortly before the 4th of July, thought it looked easy and decided to give it a try for our cookout. My chocolate-hating-marshmallow-loving sister gave them two thumbs up. My marshmallow-hating husband couldn't keep his hands off them. And the two kids (Grant being one of them) at the cookout kept asking for more. I'd say they were a hit. Bonus: they're really easy.

Except for some water and toothpicks or sticks, those are your ingredients!
Stick your sticks (or toothpicks) into your marshmallows

 Get a little assembly line set up (the marshmallows are
easiest to coat when using a plate for the Jell-O powder)

 Dip your marshmallow in water and then shake off the
excess water (or blot it on a paper towel).

And then roll your damp marshmallow around in the Jell-O powder
and make sure the bottom and sides are completely coated.

Then you put them on a plate and let them set in the fridge
for about an hour. They for a tangy crust because of the
 Jell-O powder that goes nicely with the squishy marshmallow.
Jell-O Marshmallows
  • 1 bag of jumbo marshmallows
  • 1-2 boxes of Jell-O (whatever flavors you want!)
  • Toothpicks (or lollipop sticks)
  1. Put toothpicks (or sticks) in all your marshmallows. Make sure to push them all the way down so they'll stay in while you dip. Then arrange them on a large plate or tray.
  2. In a bowl of water (deep enough to cover your marshmallow when dipping) dip your marshmallow all the way in. Lightly blot the excess water from your marshmallow then roll the marshmallow in the Jell-O powder.
  3. Then put them back on the plate and once they're all coated put them in the fridge for about an hour to get nice and crusty :)
  4. Eat 'um!
Recipe Source: The Country Cook

  • When I made this recipe the first time (using blue & red Jell-O for the 4th) I used toothpicks because there were going to be lots of adults around to help the kids. This Halloween batch was for day care so I thought it might be easier for the teachers if I used lollipop sticks instead.
  • I love how adaptable this recipe is to any party theme! And it's such a fun and easy treat.
  • Just in case you're curious, this is how the 4th of July version turned out:


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