Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grandfather Mountain

Last Wednesday we took off for the mountains of North Carolina on a family vacation. Thursday was our first full day there and it was a gorgeous day so we got up early and headed out to Grandfather Mountain.

Going to the mountains is one of my favorite things to do and Grandfather Mountain (which we visited a few years ago too) offers some amazing views.

Grandfather Mountain from the viewing area on the way up.

Windy photo-op

Halfway up the mountain is where they have their little museum, animal habitats, gift shop, etc. (They've added a fudge shop since our visit a few years ago. I enjoyed the last of my yummy purchase while working on this post!)

You would have thought Grant would be excited about the bears. But
there was a squirrel roaming around the pen and he was much
more interested in alerting everyone to it's presence.
This could have been a nice picture if the camera hadn't
decided to focus elsewhere.

The otters were entertaining until they decided to hide
themselves away in that trash can.
Waiting patiently for them to come out. (They didn't.)

They also have deer but they were too far away to get a decent picture.

After seeing the animals, I hit the fudge shop where Grant immediately spotted the chocolate & sprinkle coated marshmallows.

(Daddy helped him finish it.)

Back in the museum building, Grant found
the perfect place to munch on his treat.
 Our final destination on Grandfather Mountain was the tippy top to take some pretty pictures. They also have a "Mile High Swinging Bridge" that I wanted to walk across with Grant (Husband is not a big fan of the bridge so the plan was for him to stand on the sidelines armed with the camera). But on the drive up, little man decided it was the perfect time to nap. So we took turns. One manned the car and, therefore, the sleeping child...and the other went up by the bridge to take pictures. I still went across the bridge but I went solo.

Sleepy head.

Ha! I took a picture of myself on the bridge.

 Gorgeous, right? I love the mountains!

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  1. i have vacation envy! it looks like you guys had a great time.


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