Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 Mountain State Fair

A trip full of firsts! My first work trip. My first time being away from Husband and Grant at the same time. My first time being away from Grant for more than one night. My first time to the NC Mountain State Fair. My first (and second) time seeing a cow give birth.I could continue...but I won't. It was rather an adventure for me. And if I'm being honest, not an unpleasant one (aside from missing my family like crazy).

It was a gorgeous day for a drive!
I was there from Thursday the 13th to Sunday afternoon on the 16th. My first day was rather uneventful. I barely had time to put my stuff in my hotel room before I had to be at the fairgrounds. I didn't do too much exploring that day. I was tired from driving and about 6:30 my boss told me I could go so I did. And had a yummy dinner with some co-workers afterward!

So the very next morning at 9:00 am found me at the fairgrounds once again. My booth was located in the Farm Adventure Tent and I had this little gal as my neighbor:

Isn't she cute? One of our animal health techs had given me a ride to my "office" in a golf cart so she could check on the animals. So I asked if I could go visit the calf for some pictures. And she let me!

I asked if she had a name. She didn't. So we called her Elsie.

Elsie was very friendly.

 Some other folks in the Farm Adventure Tent:

There was a mama pig and bunch of little piglets. I think this
one wanted to come home with me :)

 And a couple of feeder pigs.

A couple of sheep (nosy!). But I steered clear of those.
They looked very dirty and smelly.

Typically I avoid anything in the horse family. But this
mini donkey was a ham and loved it when I
tried to take his picture!
 There were some baby ducks and chicks too but their fencing didn't allow me any good picture opportunities. The chicks were cute...but the baby ducks were so soft and fluffy looking. I wanted to hold one but since I got to hang out with the calf, I didn't want to press my luck.

One of my favorite things about the Mountain State Fair that the Raleigh state fair doesn't have was the chair lift. It goes the whole length of the fair. It works out well if you ride right before lunch...you can check out all your options :) But you also get a fantastic view:

That's my kind of Fair ride.
I did get to walk around to see the other animals some and explore the fair a bit. I found the Hertitage building where people sell their crafts (or as Husband calls it, their homemade crap) and I found the most adorable hat for Grant. Then I found the building full of vendors and got him the most amazing book. And myself some maple cotton candy. 

For Grant: Mama in a giant tractor wheel

Of all my random animal pics, I decided to post this one.
Not sure if it's a him or her but it's cute and sleepy either way :)

 Oh yeah...I got to see a guy get shot out of a cannon too.

I was rather excited to catch this one.
So that pretty much sums up my first business trip! Aside from missing my family, it was a great trip. I've never taken a trip alone before so it was a needed adventure. But I was very glad to get home, hug my baby (I got home just in time to give him his present and read him a bedtime story), and sleep in my own bed!

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