Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Sister!

Today is my sister's 29th birthday. Her real 29th birthday not one of these "oh you're 29 again" type birthdays. So this one is all about her. I communicate with her mostly through text (as does everyone else in her life) so a few of these pictures came to me that way. You may see some and think "OMG she's going to kill you for that!" She won't. She has no shame and it is extremely difficult to embarrass her. And love her :)

One of my favorites

Uh...yeah. She went through a Davey Crockett wannabe phase.
(And apparently I was in the middle of one of several awkward phases)
Christmas 2011
Dealing with the deaths of both our parents has made us closer. I see her a lot more than I used to because she likes to come visit as often as she can. It probably helps that we have Grant now and she misses him a lot...and he misses her lots too. Christmas of 2010 she came to spend Grant's first Christmas with us (also our first without Mom) and then came again this past year. I loooove having her here for Christmas! And she visits for Mother's Day!

Now, when I said she doesn't embarrass easily and has no shame. This is what I mean. These are the kinds of things she texts me.

I think this one was for Grant.

This one was probably to show me how hard she was working that day.

And my favorite. Demonstrating how she passed the time
between games at her softball tournament.

You've lost all respect for her, haven't you? It's ok. Happens to me all the time. But seriously, she's kinda awesome. Just ask Grant. She easily made his list of top five favorite people and even though he doesn't see her as often as she would like, he remembers her. He asks for her, pretends to call her on his play phones, and most recently asks for her to "come home". When she visits - or we go visit her - he runs to her and doesn't want to leave her side for a minute (which makes her very happy). He definitely loves her...and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say she's probably his favorite Auntie :)

Meeting for the first time.

She'll eat anything he gives to her (it's kinda yucky).
Auntie Horsey

She's a great sister but she's also one of my best friends. Cliche, I know, but it's true. She's supportive but she is also very honest with me when I'm being a butt head and need to be told. She does a lot of stuff that makes me shake my head (uh...hello...see above pictures) like calling me while she's pooping - I've been at work for some of these - because she didn't want to do it alone but the truth is that if she stopped doing it I'd miss her quirky silliness. We've had our spats, of course, but nothing unforgivable. She really is pretty awesome.

Happy Birthday Shauna! I hope you have a great day! And maybe next year you'll be celebrating your 30th as a resident of North Carolina :)

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