Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not Thrilled with Thriller

Looks like another year without that "Mother of the Year" award.

Grant is not what I pictured to be a "typical toddler". And I love it. Where so many kids prefer cartoons, he wants to see monster trucks crashing through mobile homes and what-not. Where so many kids sleep with teddy bears, he sleeps with a stuffed Grave Digger that has skulls and a graveyard printed all over it. He's hysterically himself.

I was feeling like doo-doo last night and stretched out on the couch. Husband had...uh...some business to attend to so Grant came and laid with me. There was football on TV (no thank you) and the remote was MIA. It's starting to feel like fall which makes me feel all Halloweeny AND my little guy loves to listen to some Michael Jackson. My phone was nearby so I found the Thriller video on YouTube for us to watch. I thought he'd like the music but I figured he'd really like the dancing. SO WRONG. It starts and Grant's watching...and watching. Then MJ starts to turn into the werewolf. So I say "Look Buddy, he's turning into a werewolf! Cool, huh?" He whimpered. I look. And his bottom lip is poking out so far he could trip over it. "No, no, it's ok! It's not real." Yeah, because he really understood.

He starts crying, pushes the phone away and doesn't really want me to hug him.

Geez, I don't know why he didn't like it.
So I found some Octonauts for us to watch (again on my phone because I was still too lazy to get up for the remote). All was good. We cuddled and watched Captain Barnacles save the Octopod from being carried off by...crabs.

Bed time. Story: check. Brush teeth: check. Hugs & kisses: check. Grant gets in his big boy bed and we think all is well. 10 minutes later he opens his door and runs out crying. Husband takes him back in and lays on the floor next to his bed and he goes back to sleep. Fast forward to about 2:15 when Husband wakes up to find Grant sleeping in his arms. He had gotten out of bed and come quietly into our room, climbed in our bed and laid down with Nate. He had no idea how long he'd been there. He got him back in bed and he came out crying again around 5:00 and then again a little after 6:00.

He never mentioned anything about being scared, about monsters, or werewolves...but I think it's going to be a while before I try that again. Way to go, Mama.

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