Monday, September 10, 2012

Conversations With My Toddler

Grant likes to alert us to his bodily functions (which is part of why I think he is so ready for real potty training...he just won't). Like when he's grunting then looks up at us and says "I poopin'". Yeah...we know. But when he's done sometimes he lies about it because changing his diaper would mean 2-5 minutes away from tearing through the house like a madman.

One night last week this happened.

*Grant grunting*
Grant: Oh...I poopin.
Nate: Yeah. You ok, buddy?
Grant: Eeeee...yeah.
Nate: Grant, are you done pooping?
Grant: No.
Nate: I think you are. Can I change your diaper?
Grant: Yea.

*two minutes later Grant comes running in at warp speed*

Grant: MAMA! I did poop! I have new diaper.

He kills me.

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