Friday, August 23, 2013

High Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren to share some of my favorite stuff from he past week.

1) We had Grant's 3rd birthday party! He such a great time and and awesome day! Thank you again to everyone who came to celebrate with us. Grant is, now, very much looking forward to our mini-celebration on Monday (his real birthday) since Gramma & Grandpa are coming over for dinner and he'll get his presents from us that night too :)

Grant's birthday cake
Celebrating in a new football outfit
2) On Monday, I took the stairs in the morning to avoid riding the elevator with a creepy co-worker and discovered a random dinosaur print on one of the landings (our building used to be part of the museum next door). It was a rather humorous start to my Monday.

3) Grant wore his new Superman shirt out to dinner and once again strutted his stuff in his cape. He was especially proud when a man at the table next to us told him he liked his shirt. Grant turned around and said "See? It was a cape."

Pretending to fly before we left the house
4) I got crafty and made myself a necklace out of an old tie I found at Goodwill.

(I'm wearing it today too!)
5) Husband has a Work Husband that he goes out to lunch with every Friday. Well, Work Husband is moving all the way to Texas and Husband is going to miss him a lot. So I made Work Husband a batch of cookies to say good-bye.

Have a great weekend!

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