Monday, August 26, 2013

Three Years

Today Grant is 3! It's hard to believe he's only 3 because he seems so grown up at times. Other times, he totally seems 3. We're going to have a little celebration for him tonight after school. We still have his party decorations up and I'm making some of his favorite foods - hot dogs, mac & cheese, and corn on the cob. We're having Gramma & Grandpa over for dinner and then Grant will get to open his presents from us (since his party is never on his actual birthday, he always has to wait until his real birthday for our gifts).

So here's the little man at 3:

  • Weight: 32 lbs (thanks to a recent sick visit to the doctor)
  • Height: 38 3/4 " (my best attempt at measuring)
  • Potty trained! He's been doing really well too. He can go all by himself - unless we're out at a restaurant or something or he does #2 - and he loves to tell you he'll do it by himself. We really don't even need a potty seat anymore. A while back we even decided to do regular undies (or "undiewears" as Grant calls them) at bedtime instead of pull ups and we've had almost no problems. Just a few accidents and that's all.
  • Can be very picky about his clothes and sometimes tells me what he wants to wear before I can pick them out. He gets himself undressed and can dress himself but sometimes we still need to help him (especially if we're in a hurry).
  • Loves to count things. He really likes his counting books and he'll often ask to count things he sees.
  • Knows his colors. For some reason he wouldn't say red for while but we've been working on that and he'll point out all the colors now.
  • Wearing 3T & 4T depending on where they're from. He's gotten so tall that some pants I bought in the early spring are now too short and all the shorts we bought for this summer are looking a little short too. We've always been able to use most of his shorts for two summers because he's always been so skinny but that will not be the case next summer. He's just gotten so tall!
  • I know I say this every time but he's a big talker. But it's more grown up talking now. We have conversations. He tells us what went on at school. He tells us about his cars or talks to us about movies we've watched. He uses words like "actually" and continues his sentences with "but" and it cracks me up because I can tell he's talking like the people he hears around him. I love listening to him :)
  • Sports lover! Hockey definitely and baseball. But some football too (especially now that he's got his cute little jersey and helmet from his birthday party). 
  • He's not as into watching monster trucks as much, though he still plays with them. He loves Disney movies like Cars, Toy Story, A Bug's Life and a bunch Disney Jr shows. His favorite of those is Jake and the Neverland Pirates but he's also into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Octonauts, Sofia the First, and Doc McStuffins (those last two much to Husband's dismay but I think it's awesome).
  • Always ready for a story! We have a bookcase in his room just loaded with books and he's always trying to work us for one more story at bedtime. He also likes to "read" them to me after I read to him. It's very cute and I love that he shows such an interest in books. I don't think there is anything better than some quiet time with book and I hope Grant grows up to appreciate that too.
  • Loves his outside play time! We haven't done as much of it this summer as I'd like because it's sooo hot (we do play inside). But with cooler weather on the horizon we'll be getting out more. Grant loves to play tee-ball and ride his trike like a crazy man all over the neighborhood. But he's getting so tall for his trike that I'm thinking Santa might be bringing him a real bike this year!
  • Seems to enjoy our night time routine. He typically has a bath every night but occasionally we skip a night and he'll ask "I'm not gonna have a bath tonight?" Still isn't wild about washing his hair but the rest of bath time is fun. He loves to wash himself and he loves to try to brush his teeth. We're working on brushing and spitting but it's not catching. We still use toothpaste he can swallow...but eventually he's got to learn to spit!
  • SUPERHEROS! At any given moment Grant is Iron man, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, The Hulk, Captain America, or Buzz Lightyear (yeah, I know...Buzz...not such a superhero). We have no idea where this came from except perhaps his friends at school but he loves them and is over the moon anytime he sees one of them or gets to wear a shirt with one of them on it (he even has a gigantic spiderman shirt that is probably his favorite thing to sleep in).
  • RACE CARS too! Race cars on TV, of course (and lets not forget Lightning McQueen!). But he also loves muscle cars and can correctly point out muscle cars - especially, for some reason, Mustangs.
That's my three year old! I know he's still a toddler, but he's just not really. He's a little boy. A little person with a huge personality who's figuring out who he is and always wants to learn. He amazes and entertains me every day and makes my life so full of happy. Happy birthday to the most incredible little boy ever!


  1. Yes, he is definitely his own little person! Such a joy to be around!


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