Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monster Jam 2013

Last year around this time we took our monster truck obsessed little man to his first Monster Jam event. At that time he'd been into trucks for much longer than I thought a 1 1/2 year old could be "into" something. But a year later, he still loves them. So of course, we made it to Monster Jam again this year. Unfortunately, we didn't make the Pit Party but Husband found out they had some trucks on display last week around Raleigh. So we arranged to get Grant to one of those locations last Thursday night. 

This actually worked out better. First because both of Grant's favorite trucks were in one location AND there wasn't a huge crowd so we were able to get really close and even sit Grant on one of Grave Digger's wheels. He loved it - and it was a surprise...even better :)

So on Saturday we went to the actual Monster Jam show. Last year we were only able to stay for about half of it. And we were expecting about the same this year. Just because he's older doesn't mean the trucks were any quieter!

First they did a wheelie competition.

That's Maximum Destruction...he won.
Then they did a "race". It's not much of a race in such a small space but Grant still enjoyed it.

I don't remember who won the racing part.

Then they did the "freestyle" competition. Again, it's a small space so they couldn't do all the super impressive back flips and stuff they do in the big arenas but they did manage some pretty cool jumps.


Maximum Destruction (with some cool sparks that come out of his underside)

Blue Thunder

And lets not forget Grave Digger!

Grave Digger won freestyle!
So the best part was that we got to stay for the whole thing. The whole thing! I was so proud of Grant. He did sit in one of our laps for the whole show...a little because he was scared and a little because he just couldn't see well from his own seat. But he wasn't scared and I think he really enjoyed the show. When we left he told us "That was really fun!" 

Hugging on his new Monster Mutt stuffed toy.

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