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Probably because I only see it once a year now, if that. Growing up in upstate NY, winter meant snow. Sometimes even fall meant snow. I remember my mom having to buy matching gloves for our Halloween costumes. 

A few weeks ago, while I was on the way home from a business trip, we got a good snow (ok, a few inches...but here, that's a decent size snowfall). I was SO excited that it was a Saturday and Grant would be home when I got there so we could go out and play. As I was pulling into the driveway, Husband and Grant were just coming outside to play.
He was happy to see me :)
Since it almost never snows here, Grant is pretty much without snow gear. It doesn't make much sense to buy it. However...good parents would at least have gloves/mittens for their 2 year old (please try to keep the judging to a minimum). So, Husband had Grant in three, yes three, layers of clothes plus his adorable little Hurricanes hat. Aside from the lack of mittens, he was good to go.

This wasn't the first time it's snowed since he was born, but it was the first time he was old enough and well enough to go out and play in it. And he LOVED it. I first showed him how to make snowballs and that he could throw them.

Love this one.
Target practice with Daddy's car.
Husband eventually went inside. He was cold or wet or both. Grant and I ran around in the yard and were throwing snowballs at each other. He found his trampoline around the back of the house and got distracted, telling me "I need go in the bounce-house!" I thought better of that and steered him back to the front of the house where were playing. With the temporary lull in fun Grant realized how cold his tiny hands were. "I cold. I need go inside." So that was pretty much that. Since we didn't have any mittens for him we decided not to go back out once he warmed up. 

He was sorely disappointed the next morning when he woke and the snow was pretty much all gone. 

Catching favorite picture from that day!

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