Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monster Jam!

Grant loves some trucks. All trucks. But his real favorite are monster trucks - "big trucks". He even gets a little aggressive tone when he says it. Of course, being only a year and a half old, it comes out "big fruuuucks!". It was about a month ago when we saw commercials for Monster Jam coming to Raleigh. I knew Grant had to go. Husband borrowed some big earmuffs from a friend at work so Grant wouldn't be deaf for the rest of his life and we made plans to go. We were going to go to the show but also go to the Pit Party before the show so Grant could see the trucks up close.

Flash forward to the day of. We had been trying to pump Grant up all week. "We're going to go see big trucks this weekend!" and then that morning when we were getting ready it was "Today is a big day, Grant! You're going to be so excited!" You know, because he totally understands us.

So we finally get to the arena and what happens when they open my diaper bag? "No detachable lens cameras inside the arena. Monster Jam rules. You'll have to take this back to the car, ma'am." Ok, I was P.O.'d enough that I couldn't take my camera in there but then he called me MA'AM! I wish I could say that I was very mature about the situation. I could have been worse. I didn't get mouthy with the guy or anything but Husband had to listen to me complain on the way back to the car and then all the way back to the arena. I was still pretty angry when were walking into the Pit Party - knowing that I only had my phone to take pictures with - but I totally forgot my anger as soon as Grant saw the trucks parked in the arena and yelled "BIG FRUUUUUUCKS!"

Amazed by the big trucks.

After his initial outburst, Grant pretty much went into silent-amazement-mode. Just staring at everything with his mouth open. We did have another "big fruck" outburst when he saw the souvenir booth with the big stuffed monster trucks. It wasn't too long after that Grant was carrying around his own stuffed monster truck. How could we not get it for him?!

Iron Man truck

Checking out Iron Man
OMG it's Iron Man!

Grave Digger

Monster Mutt. Grant kept pointing to it saying "Oof! Oof!"

Showing off his Monster Jam tattoo (applied at home)

And his "big truck" tattoo

 We had just over an hour between the Pit Party and the actual show. So we parked ourselves in a little spot in the arena and had some lunch (and were very surprised to see Grant eat a good lunch - he's been on a bit of a hunger strike lately). Then we found our seats with about 15 minutes until showtime. I'll admit to a fair amount of excitement on my part. I don't know that I've ever been to a monster truck event and you have to admit they're kind of impressive. Of course, I also couldn't wait to see what Grant's reaction would be too!

So excited!
Waiting patiently.

Here come the trucks, time for the earmuffs! (We had to strap
towels to the head piece to make them stay up.)

Big Fruuucks!
It was at the moment of the first truck revving his engine that I practically jumped out of my skin and screamed "Oh my God!". They were much, much louder than I thought they'd be. Thankfully, Husband brought earplugs for us and I'm so glad he did. I don't think I could have stayed if he didn't.

I put away my phone/camera when the started doing stunts. As excited as he was, Grant was also a little scared. He never cried but he did hug his stuffed Grave Digger as hard as he could whenever the trucks really got going. But it was about halfway through the show - I think - that we noticed Grant was dozing off between stunts. And then he would jerk back awake when they started again. It was then that we decided to leave, he hadn't had much of a nap that day. We were barely out of the parking lot when he passed out.

Sleeping with Grave Digger. And, yes, I'm very
aware of how odd that sounds.
Even though he won't remember it, we know Grant had a good time. And we had such a great time watching him! Also, we've been trying for months to get Grant to say "I love you" and it's just not happening. He starts but then nothing. But spending a few hours at Monster Jam he now says Grave Digger. It sounds like "Ga'digger" but still. And if you ask him where Grave Digger is, he will run and get his stuffed toy from where ever he left it. I guess we know where we stand.

Side Note: When leaving the pits, we had to exit through the tunnel where the trucks came in and take some stairs back up to the main level. The hallway that we had to use is the same hallway that the Hurricanes use during games. It was kinda cool :)

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