Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 1 - Top Five Favorite Excuses (Blog Challenge)

So, surprise! I'm starting another blog challenge. You might remember AJ from a post from my 30 challenge last year (this post too). AJ started a blog recently yesterday and wanted to do a blog challenge right off the bat. And I spontaneously suggested we do one together. He didn't want to wait. We picked a 30 day challenge of top fives. Since today is our start goes.

Top Five Favorite Excuses

  1. "I'm running late" or "I woke up late". This seems to be my excuse Monday - Friday. Can it be considered an excuse if it's the truth? I guess so. My life is running late. It is possible for me to be on time for something, but is rarely possible for me to be early.
  2. "I don't feel like it." Usually this applies to cooking dinner. And, oddly enough, on a night when I already have the stuff at the house. I don't even need to stop at the store. It's just that I really don't feel like it...and I usually get away with it.
  3. "I'm hungry." This is generally my excuse for being kinda mean when I need to eat. It's usually at work but it happens at home too. Husband periodically calls me out on it.
  4. "THIS is what's wrong with the health care system! THIS is why people die instead of going to doctors!" That's what I usually say when I'm frustrated with one of my doctor's offices. Either it's because you call and it goes straight to an automated service or you get a nurses voicemail and she says she'll call you back in 24 hours. Whatever. It's only my excuse...I really just don't want to go. I like to think that whatever is wrong will clear up without having to set foot in an exam room (FYI: not the case when you wake up yellow).
  5. "I had a bad day." Generally how I justify a big bowl of ice cream. Or an oreo treat from my favorite little deli place downtown. I know it's not a great excuse but you know what...sad as it is, they do make me feel better :)
So there you have it. I know they're not the most creative excuses you've ever heard but they are my most common ones.

If you want to check out AJ's version of the 30 day challenge, you can check out his blog Random musings of a wierdo.

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  1. liar! your number one clearly states that this is an excuse you use monday thru friday. i personally have heard you use it on a saturday and maybe a sunday too.

    which is why i always ask you to meet me 30 minutes before we actually need to meet :) im sneaky that way.


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