Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 14 - Top Five Things You'd Do If You Had Magical Abilities

1. Make Grant sleep through the night. He's been sick since Tuesday evening and so I'm pretty sure that Monday night was the last time any of us got a good nights sleep. So, yeah, number one priority right there.

2. Make cars fly. I used to watch the Jetsons and I was certain that by now we'd all be driving flying cars and instead of walking to work, we'd ride conveyor belts. Flying cars, check.

3. I'd make it so I can disappear and stuff. Because it would be fun but also really freak people out. I'd probably do it in the middle of conversations or meetings.

4. I'd make my dog talk. I think he'd sound exactly like the Dug the dog from the movie Up. Loyal, lovable, cute...and sometimes a little special.

5. I'd make ice cream, cake, cookies, etc. completely healthy. Imagine sitting down to eat a huge piece of chocolate cake and then actually losing weight. That would be my contribution to society. And I think it would be a big one.

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