Monday, April 23, 2012

Trying the Potty

It seems like we've been saying for months that we wanted to try to get Grant on the potty. I can't say we're totally potty training yet, we just want to get him used to it and if he goes - good. If not - try again. So we finally quit being lazy yesterday and bought a potty. We did the little potty vs. little seat on the regular toilet debate and the little potty won. It makes more sense, he's just too little for anything else. We ended up with the Fisher Price Froggy Potty.

It might be the cutest poop collector ever.

We picked this one because, according to my Amazon app, it had a ton of really good reviews. But it was also one of the only ones that Target had that didn't play music and light up. I've heard negative things about those kinds of potties being distracting and what-not so we steered clear of those.

As soon as we got the stuff home Grant immediately took his new potty, put it on the floor, and parked himself there to play with his legos. Seriously, he loved it. I think he was a bit crushed when it was taken into the bathroom. We decided to wait until right before bath time to put him on the potty for real. He'll sometimes pee in the tub, so we thought he might go before bath time. But he pooped in his diaper right before that. Oh well. We figured since he was half naked we'd just try, see how he felt about it.

Taken with my phone (Husband said no to the
regular camera - not sure why!)
He seemed to be ok with it. I'd even venture to say he liked it. He sat right down and even giggled a little. Keeping him there was a bit of an issue, that's why he has the book. And we had to keep him from scooting it across the floor like a ride-on toy. Obviously, he didn't go since he had just gone right before. But since he didn't hate it, I consider it a good start.

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