Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Living Room Fort

Oh the indoor fort. Anyone who didn't make a fort out of kitchen chairs and sheets, or couch cushions, or anything else around the house was flat out deprived as a child. A few weeks ago, Grant became the proud owner of new little table/art station courtesy of his Grandma.

It's a really fun little folding table set. It has four sections: two with clips to hold your paper in place while you draw, one section is a chalkboard, and the other is a dry-erase board. There's space to put your art supplies (crayons, chalk, markers) and it comes with two little chairs. Also a great place to have a snack.

One night last week, Grant kept crawling under the table to sit and then he'd just giggle while he was under there. So I grabbed a blanket and threw it over the table. He got so excited you would have thought a monster truck drove straight into our living room.
Here I come!
He loved to pull the blanket off the table and stomp on it and giggle. Then he'd bring me the blanket saying "On? On?" so I'd put it back on the table and he'd crawl under and we'd begin the game again.

My favorite was when he rolled into the blanket and got tangled...then just crawled away under the blanket with no clue where he was headed.

We've "played fort" pretty much every day/night since then. I decided to stick my head in once and now he loves when one of us (or at least part of one of us) is under there with him. And if we're in on the fort action, he likes to peek his head out and say "Hi!" then goes back in the fort and yells "Bye bye!"

So the table is, for now, a permanent fixture in our living room...along with the tie-dyed blanket (but I do hide that when company comes). But on Sunday my Mother-in-Law brought over an indoor tent and I can't imagine what kind of excitement will happen when I decide to break that out. For now though, we're sticking with table fort.

Ok, I'm a liar. The tent is inflatable and I need a pump to blow it up. Husband caught me trying to blow it up with nothing but the power of my lungs on Sunday night. He told me not to even try to do that by myself, we'll get a pump...but he had that "I married a total idiot" tone of voice so I decided to not be hard-headed (for once) and just put the tent away.

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  1. ha! i love that you were trying to blow the tent up by yourself :)

    ps - i love forts!


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