Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 13 - Top Five Dream Jobs

This is going to be semi-quick. Not too much explanation. For most of this week Husband and I have had a very sick munchkin. A very sick munchkin that hasn't slept well. At all. Which means we haven't slept well (less than him, actually). I hope I'm not prematurely saying that I think he's on the road to recovery - but I think he is (here's hoping). I planning to be asleep very soon. Either in bed...or at this computer. If this list is unfinished, well, you know what happened.

1. One of those travel review people who go all over and stay in fancy schmancy hotels and eat in fancy schmancy restaurants and check out local awesomeness and then write about it. I'm sure after a while it would get old living out of a suitcase (I'm a bit of a homebody) but it sure sounds like a dream job.

2. Restaurant critic. Sort of along the same lines as above. I love food and I love to talk about it. Perfect combo right? Plus, what better job for a chubby chick than eating for a living?

3. Archaeologist. It's probably not all as interesting digging up perfectly preserved baby woolly mammoth...but it is in my head.

See, it happened!
4. Mad Scientist. Yes, a mad one. Because I want a job where I get to shout "Eureka!" every once in a while. Plus, it might be fun to have crazy mad-scientisty hair.

5. Santa Claus. He only works one night a year, he makes everybody happy, everyone loves him, and he gets to eat cookies and drink milk all the time! Almost perfect. I'm not cool with hanging out with the reindeer all the time. They're a bit sketchy.

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