Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 6 - Top Five Things That Happened To You This Past Year

  1. Grant's first steps and learning to walk - we've been through so many milestones with Grant in the past year that I could have made this whole top five list about just him. But this was a big one and so exciting for all three of us. 
  2. Grant's 1st birthday - my little munchkin turning 1 was a big deal. I had it all planned out for months. And then the hurricane came. No really, we had to change the party location from the spacious park shelter to our little house because a hurricane came through the day of the party. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I think having it at the house was much more comfortable for Grant and it helped get rid of my anxiety over hosting something like that at our house.  
  3. 5 Year Anniversary beach weekend - this past November (18th) was our 5 year anniversary. To celebrate, Husband booked us a beach front room in Wrightsville beach and arranged our first ever night away from Grant. We had a great little mini vacation and Grant did great staying with Grandma.
    Husband also sent this to my office the day of our actual anniversary:
    Sweet :)
  5. Visits from my sister - check some out here and here. My sister has spent the last two Christmas holidays with us. She came down last May for my first Mother's Day and will be spending that week with us again this year. I look forward to her visits (yes, Shauna, I'm admitting it!) and I know she loves to see Grant. He doesn't get to see her often but it takes him about 5 seconds to warm up to her and then he's always sad to see her go :( 
  6. My liver tried to kill me and we stopped getting along - so the topic doesn't specify the top five good things that happen in the past year. And I consider my liver ordeal a biggie in my yearly happenings. I'll probably do an update on the latest of my medical drama sometime soon. It's complicated. P.S. I'm posting this late because my liver decided to be moody again. Stupid liver!

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