Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eleven Months

On Tuesday, Grant was eleven months old. Eleven. Months. Where has this year gone? I have said before that I'm excited for Grant's 1st birthday - and I still am - but every day he seems so much less like a baby that it makes me sad.
Eleven Months Old

We are working on getting him off the bottle, although the bedtime bottle is still what gets him to sleep. And "real" food is going better. This child can pack away a banana like nobody's business. We've agreed to let him eat food from the day care menu for breakfast, lunch, and snack time (providing I approve - on days when they have sausage biscuits and such I haven't agreed to that yet). So now, most days, instead of pureed baby foods he's eating things like cinnamon toast for breakfast or mac & cheese w/ broccoli for lunch. And snack time has introduced him to all kinds of things (Cheezits being among the popular items).

He always wants to stand or run around. There
is no more being still for this little guy.
Walking is how he gets around now, he rarely ever crawls anymore. He's quite sure of himself on his feet and even running is getting a little better. I'm not saying he never falls. He definitely does. But it's not as traumatic as it was a few weeks ago.

This last month brought about our latest ER visit but Grant seems to have completely recovered from his butt cheek infection. He does have a little scar but it's really tiny. And I'm just glad that everything healed for him the first time and no other procedure was necessary.

We've had some not too in depth conversations about trying to break Grant of the pacifier. But I have to say, I'm really reluctant. He's not as dependant on it as he could be but when it's needed it's a savior. (Anybody out there ever get "advice" about the paci? The people that tell you that "you really should think about breaking him of that". Or the ones who get that look on their face and say "You use a pacifier?" People are so judgemental about the paci! But they aren't the ones who have to deal with my screaming kid. )

Anyway, Grant is waving bye-bye more often and even sometimes sounds like he's trying to say bye-bye. Although, sometimes he sounds like he's trying to say Brodie's name too. It's hard to tell. But he's definitely still doing "Mama" and "Dada" and I love to hear him say those :) And at daycare, in addition to helping with the bye-bye, they're also trying to teach him to high five. He practices with Daddy too:

He'll have it down before too long.
It's so hard to believe that this year has gone by as quickly as it has. And I know that this next month is going to go by the quickest because there is so much going on. I'm going to miss him being a baby so much (although he does sometimes still act very much like a baby) but I'm also looking forward to what's coming. Grant gets more and more fun every day. It's exciting to think about all the things we'll be able to do with him soon.

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