Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spinach & Cheese Ravioli

New recipe? Nope. Baby food. Although some spinach & cheese ravioli sounds pretty damn good. I've had a hard time introducing new finger foods to Grant. I figured once we got over the hump that was the cereal puffs everything else would be easy. Wrong. Silly Mama. What has ever been easy when it comes to feeding this child? He'll eat some carrots, but not green beans. Fruit? No ma'am. In it goes and out it comes. If I want the fruit to stay in his mouth I have to hold my finger against his lips and he'll reluctantly chew. He'll eat the pureed version but not the pieces. So, when I was in the grocery store Thursday after work I swung through the baby aisle. I have a baby food problem. Since Grant has started "solids" I don't think I've left a store that sells baby food without buying some. This time I saw the ravioli. It said it's for a toddler but really that's just a guideline right? The ravioli is smaller than the kind I would buy for me and Husband and it seems mushier too. I had less than no hope that Grant would eat it willingly so I only bought one package of it. Well guess what? Miracles do happen folks. He loved it.

First he squished it in his hands. A guy's gotta check things out, yes?
After proper squishing it did actually end up in his mouth.
And then, much to my surprise, more of it went in his mouth.
Before I knew it he was happy about his ravioli!

Then the biggest shock of the meal came when the ravioli was almost gone. Brodie came to check things out. Brodie never comes to check things out when Grant is involved. Because Brodie is still waiting for us to bring him back where ever he came from (I, for one, am rather glad he's not going back there). Upon seeing Brodie, Grant leaned forward and started saying "Babababab! Ba ba ba ba!" Which leads me to believe he's trying to say Brodie's name. Then Grant hung his hand in the air to touch Brodie and I waited for him to run away. He didn't.

He actually licked the ravioli off his hand!

And Grant quickly realized that if he threw ravioli on the floor
Brodie would stick around for clean up duty.
Always the easiest way to clean up! (I promise the tray was washed
very well before we let Grant use it again. I'm not that bad!)

Hmmm...they might just become friends after all.

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