Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dinner Is No Match For Playtime

We're having food problems. Problems with new foods has been expected. It's problems with foods I know Grant loves that I wasn't expecting. The real problem? A constant disinterest in being still. How dare we strap Grant into his highchair for meals? Such horrible parents. The way it works is we strap him in and give him a cracker or some goldfish to munch on while we heat up food. Tonight it was ravioli. He loves ravioli. Loves to eat it, loves to make a mess with it...loves to feed it to the dog. I think Grant was a little mad at me tonight for banishing the dog to another room. He's distracting! And I get very tired of wiping Grant's hand each time Brodie licks ravioli filling from his palm (roughly every 10 seconds). You know he wants out of the highchair when he starts bucking in the seat. But he hadn't enough so I kept trying to get him to eat more but apparently feeding himself was not what his Highness wanted tonight. So I heated up some regular baby food to get some more food in the belly. He didn't really want that either but I managed to get almost all of it in him before he had a complete meltdown. Like turning purple from crying so hard and almost refusing to breathe. This is what dinner time has been reduced to. However, the moment the bib came off and those tiny feet hit the floor our smiley guy once again graced us with his presence.

He was ecstatic when I let him run through the kitchen like a freak while I cleaned up the dinner mess.

Right after I took that picture he made me clean up a mess of a different kind. Which could account for some the fussiness. Grant is teething - both of his top front teeth are about to poke through any day now - and all that drool seems to be causing some commotion in his tummy. Which is causing some very stinky stuff to happen. I want to invent a changing table that has a hose attachment and you can remove the changing pad to reveal a large sink underneath. wipes just don't cut it.

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  1. Dana - Hancockheir: OMG! he is such so cute! I can't get over how grown up he looks every time I look at your blog - I mean standing and walking on his own!


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