Monday, July 25, 2011

Grandma's Little Helper

Grant usually gets to spend at least one day a week with his Grandma. Last week it was actually two days because the week before she was in Las Vegas and didn't get to have her "Grand baby Fix". I know she loves it when he's at her house...and I know he loves it too because of the giant smile on his face when she walks through the door.

Husband and I went to pick up Grant on Friday and to hang out for a bit. We found out that Grant had been doing some dusting (a.k.a. playing with a duster twice his size...but handling it quite well). Next time he's over there, I'm going to see what kind of magic she can get him to work with a vacuum cleaner. I don't feel like 11 months old is too young to start earning his keep. But anyway, he also learned how to put the chairs back at the table. His Nana (my Mom) would be so proud of his cleaning-up skills! I'm sure she's happy that someone is teaching him how to clean up because I imagine she is watching me every weekend wondering when I'm going to mop my kitchen floor, dust my livingroom, fold my laundry and make my bed.

Grandma's Little Helper

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