Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sleeping Baby

What is it about a sleeping baby? My sleeping baby. When I see him lying there so peaceful with his little bum stuck in the air...I breathe a sigh of relief at the break that the nap provides. But I'm also struck with this weird desire to snatch him out of that crib and lay him down in our bed so I can cuddle with him. Grant and I used to nap together when I was on maternity leave. Sometimes after he ate but also sometimes in the very early morning when I just couldn't wake up yet for the day. Then, seeing how well that worked, it sometimes happened at night too so that the four of us (I'm including Brodie here) could get sleep, even if it was poor quality sleep. But now that the little man is sleeping better and we seem to have our bed back...I miss the cuddle time. How can I not miss it, look at him!

Tell me you don't want to cuddle with him.

Of course, there is the other side to consider. Grant always woke us up whenever he felt like it (hungry, wet/poopy diaper, or just because it was 3:00 a.m.). But he sure doesn't seem to like it much when we have to wake him up: 

Good morning!

Oh yeah? What's good about it?

Look at that hair. What the devil are we going to do
about this boy's hair??

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  1. From the looks of the morning pics of Grant.....he will be a coffee bless his heart so precious! Also love the 'I had a wild night' hair doo ;


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