Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I never fail to be amazed at how odd my mind is at times. Two weekends ago I was changing Grant's diaper and butt bandage and narrowly missed being hosed down by a rather impressive stream of pee. Rarely do we get peed on anymore. At first it happened at least once a week. When we were very new parents, maybe even once a day. To one of us. Or both of us. Or, if the dog was standing there, all three of us. But it's a very uncommon occurrence now. But that one weekend I didn't have a bandage at the ready like I usually did AND I had already removed the offending diaper (quite poopy, if I remember correctly). Not seeing an immediate need for coverage - Moms of boys know exactly what I mean! - I let him lay on the changing table in all his nakedness because, lets face it, he's just happier naked. And he let it fly. I managed to get the hose covered but not before he soaked the changing pad cover, carpet, and the t-shirt he still had on. So this is how the thought process happened in my head: He needs his little peeper covered. But I don't have the bandage ready. So I can't put a diaper on him. I need to get him off the pee-covered changer. Put him in his crib. Naked? What if he pees again? I don't want to waste a diaper, it annoys me to waste a diaper. *spots laundry basket of clothes needing to be folded* Eureka!

I made a temporary diaper out of one of the rarely-used-anymore receiving blankets. It kind of looks like a loincloth doesn't it?

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  1. Dana - Hancockheor:

    Blahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! love it.
    Yeah, we don't get peed on every often anymore :) thank goodness!


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