Saturday, July 16, 2011

Look, He's Praying!

Before you read further, I warn you this is so random. Consider yourself warned. The other day I was talking to my cousin (well, we were texting) about Andrea Bocelli. One of my favorite singers. And then this week I was listening to him in the car too. And it made me think of one of my favorite stories of my parents:

My Dad was a really emotional guy and my Mom made fun of him for it. A lot. He would cry about stuff that would make most people say "Awww, that's sweet" or "Awww, that's sad". He even cried during the Olympics. Not because somebody great won...but because that person coming in last was "just trying so hard". Mom always said "Ugh, put it in your journal."

A few years ago when she and I were on the phone - around Christmas - she told me that she and Dad had watched a Christmas special. Well, Dad was watching it and he called Mom into the room. "Hey! Come watch this. I think it's that guy Tara likes." I think my Mom was a little surprised (as was I) that he even knew who he was let alone that I liked his music. Mom said "Oh yeah, Andrea Bocelli". So they listened to his song and at a break in his singing my mom noticed my Dad crying silently. She said "Ugh, what's wrong?" Thinking he would say he missed me or something like that she waited for him to calm down a little and he said:
"Look at him. He's praying." And then he started crying all over again.

I can still picture what my Mom's face must have looked like when she said to him "Oh my God. He's blind, you ass!"

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