Saturday, July 9, 2011

Captain Destructo

My favorite thing about weekends is watching Grant play. I'm jealous that the women at daycare get to see him waddling around that room and the playground all day while I sit in my cubicle. Last weekend, pre-ER visit, I decided to bring out some blocks I've had since before Grant was born just to see how he would play with them. If he would play with them. If? Please. When I dumped the blocks out of their storage bag his eyes lit up like I had just dumped out gold in front of him.

No encouragement was needed. He immediately started picking them up, tossing them, and grabbing some more. Putting them in his mouth gnawing on them. Carrying them to some other place in the room and then going back for more. He loved them. 

One thing Grant doesn't seem to like is order. I knew if I stacked the blocks he'd have fun knocking them over. What I wasn't expecting was his complete objection to me stacking the blocks in the first place. I had to distracting him just get them stacked.

And when I finally got them stacked and moved away from them...

No ma'am! Neatness will not be tolerated!
Crazy! Even when I tried a "messy stack" he had to destroy it.

He had fun though and so did I. Sometimes it's just the simple things :)

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