Friday, July 1, 2011

Eye Infection: The Sequel

Ugh, really? Again with the eye infection? If that is what was really going on. Who knows anymore. We've got Grant on some allergy medication which has helped with some sinus issues he's had going on. He would wake up in the morning and we just couldn't see how it was possible for him to breathe out of his nose. He's been an absolute booger factory. We were told by the pediatricians office to use the allergy medication hoping that would clear up the yellow nastiness coming out of  his eyes. But, no. Not working. Wednesday they called in another prescription for eye drops. Let the good times roll.

Grant had his allergy meds Wednesday night right before his bath. Then after the bath I wrapped him tight in his shark towel so he couldn't move his arms and we went at him with the eye drops. He hadn't had a great evening anyway but that sent him over the top. And he was so tired from his evening hissy fits that he fell sleep on the changing table before I could unwrap him and get a diaper on him.

Sleepy shark burrito

Having had our wrestling match over the eye drops and cancelling the bedtime story due to sleepiness, I got Grant into his PJ's and set off for the kitchen to get a bottle ready. He wasn't happy about being left behind but I knew he'd be ok for a few minutes. He didn't cry long so I figured he'd occupied himself by wrestling his blanket or gnawing on the side of the crib (which apparently makes a wonderful teether - yuck). I was wrong. No bottle needed...or even wanted.

Poor little devil. He was, as I've heard it said, "wore slap out". He never took his bottle. I tried but he was o-u-t. He slept all night. And woke up the yesterday morning with eyes so crusty that he could barely open them. However, by yesterday afternoon very little had come out of his eyes and they were almost clear this morning. Perhaps Grant has beaten round two of the eye infection? Husband and I are ready to be done with the eye drops. It is so heartbreaking to pry open your baby's eye lids - that he has squeezed so tightly shut - while he seems to be literally screaming for you to stop. But as many times as he's been sick in the past 10 months, at least it's never been anything more serious. Never anything that medicine hasn't been able to help with or get rid of, no matter how many times it came back. We can be thankful for that.

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