Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Eye Infection

I'm going to try to make this as quick as possible. Because I'm beyond exhausted and Grant is, for the moment, asleep. As I said in my previous post, on Saturday Grant's eyes started having this nasty, green gunk coming out of them. It literally looked like he was crying boogers. Husband said it was pink eye but the pharmacist I called thought it was allergies...bascially (what she said was that it sounded like his sinus' were backing up into his tear ducts - yum). Well, Husband sort of wins that one. While not technically pink eye, it is an eye infection. A contagious one. Good stuff. The pediatrician didn't even need to see him, she just called in some eye drops for us. Trying to get eye drops into Grant's eyes is a party and a half. He cries ("Mama!"), I cry, Husband misses his eye because Grant keeps turning his head and everyone ends up frustrated. Last night I lost it. Partly because I felt like Grant was mad at me but also because I'm so damn tired of this child being sick. I can remember more times in the last 9 months when he's been sick than well. It is always something: A virus that landed us in the ER, and upper respiratory thing around Christmas, repeat of the repiratory thing when we went to NY in February, countless colds and fevers, his first bloody nose, and now a nasty eye infection. I can handle a lot. I have handled a lot. I helped hold Grant down for blood work, I held him still for x-rays, I sat in the room while they gave him a spinal tap...but apparently I reached my limit at the eye drops. Maybe it's because of the new Mama cry. Maybe I'm just tired.

Day one of the eye drops (but day three of the infection). He looks pretty bad. Like he's
 been in some juice bar brawl or something. But he still managed a smile for us :)

Thankfully tonight was easier with the drops. I had planned to stay out of the room but guilt won that one. So I grabbed a toy and headed for Grants room/torture chamber. I managed to distract him quite well so Husband could get the drops in his eyes and they definitely went in well. Did I mention it's two drops per eye twice a day? I'll be glad when this crap is gone. However, day two of the drops did leave Grant looking much improved and more "himself". So we're all hoping that he keeps getting better. And Husband and I would really like some sleep (and our bed back).

I'm not entirely sure what's up with the face in the bottom
picture. He looks like he's been caught doing something wrong.

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  1. Last pic looks like 'oh shit they found me' ......lol bless his heart and ya'lls! Hope this hook goes away fast!


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