Saturday, June 4, 2011

Greased Lightning

Ha! Ok, so while he doesn't really qualify as greased lightning Grant is making some serious moves towards walking. For a while now he's been walking along the couch balancing himself with his hands. In the past couple weeks he's been standing unassisted for a second or two then losing his balance and ending up on his bum. But now he's getting much better at regaining his balance when standing and will even grab onto the couch (or ottoman, coffee table, chair, etc.) to keep from falling. We decided to try a walking toy with him and I'd say he did pretty well with it. (FYI: crappy picture quality due to still using my camera phone!)

So that first night when we were playing with the walking toy, Grant would start out walking but he had a hard time keeping up and would end up on his knees. But that didn't stop him...and neither did the living room full of toys.

Since he seemed to have such a good time with the walking toy, we played with it last night too. And he managed to stay on his feet for longer. It's not a super long video but you get the idea.

It's very exciting that he's close to walking but it makes me sad too. It doesn't seem so long ago that Grant was that tiny little guy that used to lay underneath his baby gym. Then almost overnight he was crawling and pulling up. And now he's almost walking. I knew when I was pregnant that he was going to keep us on our toes. It seemed like he was always moving. There was a doctor at one of our OB check-ups that told us to "get our running shoes ready" and she was soooo right. Grant has very much kept us on our toes. Lord help us when he starts walking for real!

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