Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nine Month Check-up

Today Grant had his nine month check-up! He weighs 18 pounds 3 ounces and he's 28 inches long. And he despises having his ears looked at. I was looking forward to this appointment because he I knew he didn't have to have shots but with the way he carried on for the ear exams (she did it twice because I was concerned about another possible ear infection - all clear there!) you would think that he was having shots. But the doc said he's doing really well and that his eyes look like they're clearing up. Those eye drops suck, but at least they're working.

Grant's going to start on some stage 3 foods and she gave us ideas for other finger foods to try. I haven't really been pushy with other kinds of finger foods. He's loving the Gerber puffs but we haven't really gone beyond those (except for the one time we tried cut up banana but I don't think it counts if we're not positive he got any in his mouth). She also told us to start trying cups with straws! That should be entertaining.

She knew from one of our sick visits that Grant's been crawling so she asked how he's doing with that. I mentioned his walking toy and that he's taken some step on his own. "So you've baby proofed, right?" she said. To which I answered with a very confident yes even thought it should have been ummmm sorta. "And you've got his crib lowered, I'm sure" which we did do a while ago. "And there's no bumper or anything like that in there, right? Not even a thin one?" But I could not tell a lie. I know how people feel these days about bumpers and I know what's been written about them. But, honestly, I don't care. There are somethings that, for me, modern day over-protectiveness will not change. It has saved Grant's noggin from so many head bumps that we can't even count them. This kid has been moving since long before he was actually crawling and that bumper gave us all a little sense of security. But now, the thought of him using that bumper to hoist himself out of his crib (he does try to climb things in the living room - eek!) makes me a little sick to think about. So out it came. It really makes the crib look less cute and comfy and much more prison-like.

Before we left I had to make his ONE YEAR CHECK-UP! Hard to believe.

His eyes still look a little red underneath but are clearing up nicely.


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