Monday, June 6, 2011

First Steps, First Word...and Some Green Gunk

It was a huge weekend for big firsts. Saturday Grant took his first steps! He is, by no means, full out walking. But he did take actual unassisted steps on Saturday. I thought I'd be sad when it happened but I have to say, I'm pretty excited. We've tried to get him to do it again but his walking toy is always nearby and he gets distracted by it. He's doing so well with that now! We've been playing a game where I sit at one side of the living room and husband goes to the other end and Grant walks between us with his toy. He just keeps going! Which ever one of us he walks to turns him around and he goes back the other way with the biggest grin.

That's probably the most fun that we had this weekend considering that, also on Saturday, Grants eyes started spewing thick, green eye boogers. Which it turns out is a highly contagious eye infection! He was supposed to start a new daycare this week (Can I get an amen?) but now he can't until the drops we have to give him are in his system for 24 hours. We are sooo looking forward to putting drops in his eyes considering he starts screaming bloody murder if you get near him with a tissue, washcloth, or *gasp* the booger snatcher snot sucker.

Which brings me to big first number two. We discovered this weekend that Grant can say a very clear "Mama". It surprised me that this was his first word. He really hasn't made any "M" sounds. Lots of "bababababa" (but never while looking at a bottle) and he's come very close to some things that sounds like "Dada". Unfortunately, the way we found out is because of several crying fits Grant had this weekend while we were trying to clean his eyes and nose. He would cry so hard and then say "Mama" while he was crying. Or he just wanted to be picked up and would stand up in his pack-n-play and cry "Mama". The worst, though, was while we were cleaning his eyes. It's hard to hear him cry my name when I'm the one who is causing him to cry. It made me cry! I guess he had to start somewhere and it will, at the very least, be a story to tell him later. Husband wasn't surprised at all that "Mama" came first...because he's been trying to get him to say it since he was about a month old!

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