Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dog Poop

I am, to put it mildly, slightly irritated. I took Grant outside today to take some 10 month pictures of him (post coming soon!). I decided to try some next to a holly tree at the end of our driveway. Grant was less than cooperative so picked him up to move him to a shadier spot. When I bent down I noticed a pile of small dog turds not too far from where I had planted Grant's bum. Looking at that pile, I knew it wasn't a job done by our dog. Not only because, even as a puppy, he's never had a poop that small but also because he only poops in the backyard. Even when we walk him on his leash. I feel certain that I know who's dog did the doody (get it?) and I think that our neighbor is quite rude and inconsiderate.

 This woman - who's name I don't know because we aren't friendly with any of our neighbors - has two very small dogs that resemble dust mops. That kind that I like to refer to as "barking handbags". I love dogs...almost all dogs. These dogs serve no purpose except to annoy. She's the kind of dog owner that thinks it's funny that her dogs growl and bark at any person except her. Like it's charming that her dogs would nip at me if I got too close. They aren't even cute. And they're even less cute now that I know they're crapping in our yard. I've even seen her allowing them to pee on our mailbox post. I feel it's necessary to point out that we don't allow Brodie to pee on things like that in our neighborhood (but there is a stop sign that he likes to pee on and I let him do that). A lot of people plant flowers and things around these posts and I can't believe that people let their dogs ruin them like that. And we don't allow him to poop on anyones property except our own within that neighborhood. When we walk him he does it on the side of the road when we get outside the subdivision.

So I had an idea that I thought would make this neighbor and others aware that we find their actions rude, if not remedy the situation. I want to put a sign in the front yard that says something like (I know I'd have to cut down the verbage a little):

Dear Neighbors,
We have found dog poop left in
our yard that does not belong
to our dog. Please clean up after
your pet if when you let them
crap our yard. We have a small child
who plays here. If you keep leaving
your dogs poop on our property we
will pick it up and kindly bring
 it back to you.
-The Williams Family

Husband said no.

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  1. I think it's a brilliant idea.. sorry hubby doesn't agree!


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