Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Husband's First Father's Day

I had been looking forward to Nate's first Father's Day almost (stress almost) as much as my first Mother's Day. I wanted him to have a good day and I think he did. We started the day off with some breakfast. I love to cook breakfast on the weekends anyway so Husband requested bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwiches and hash browns. Then, after breakfast there was some morning mischief (nothing unusual there):

After that, some Father's Day naps were in order:

As you can see in the background...I sacrificed my nap to do laundry.
But I think Husband got to nap for a little bit.
After the naps we got ready for our Father's Day cookout (will be posting a few recipes soon!). Nate's mom, step dad, and brother came over for a yummy dinner and some playtime with Grant. But, as usual, Grant had to see what he could get away with. And I, as usual, had to be the bad guy. This is what "No" looks like:

And this is what "No" looks like if you don't immediately pick him up and tell him it's ok (which it's not, so I didn't...that just encourages, right?)

Terrible, isn't it? I'm not as heartless as I sound! I do pick him up! I just have to let him know what he's not supposed to do. It does break my heart, for the record.

But, overall, Nate said he had a good day which was what I hoped for. I did manage to snap ONE picture of Grant and Husband right before Grant's nap. Nate said a couple weeks ago that he can't really remember how small Grant used to be. And he was a scrawny little thing! But these two side by side show how big he's getting. And Husband still looks tired!

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