Monday, June 27, 2011

Ten Months

My baby is...well, not such a baby anymore. And less baby-like every day it seems. With toddlerhood fast approaching Grant seems eager to speed things up.

10 months old. He doesn't even look like a baby anymore.
Grant is all about some walking now. And he's quite good at it. Of course, he still falls on his bum. And he still reverts to crawling when he needs to or he's really tired. But it's pretty obvious that his preferred method of transportation (aside from being carried) is to walk where he wants to go. He's gone very quickly from only walking when he's already pulled up on something to just getting up from a sitting position and walking away. He's also able to bend over and pick something up without toppling over...most of the time. Sometimes - and this is happening more frequently, especially outside - he tries to run. This never works out in his favor.

He always falls when he tries to run. Sometimes he just falls forward and lands on his belly looking like he's not to sure how he got down there so fast. Sometimes he falls forward and lands on his face and is completely sure he didn't like it.

That wasn't fun.
We're getting more actual words out of him now. Dada more than Mama but he knows who he's talking to or about and he knows the one he calls with come running. Over the weekend I kept saying banana to him as he was eating his banana cereal puffs and he started saying "Nana nananana" so I'm going to assume my clever little guy was trying to say banana.

He's loving his stage 3 foods. Most of them. Some have gone over better than others. The self-feeding I need to push it but I don't. He loves the cereal puffs and Cheerios. But when it comes to real foods like cut up fruit or green beans he'll have nothing to do with them in his mouth. LOVES to squish them in his hands and giggles while he does it. But they're not going in the mouth. And if I try to put a piece of fruit in his mouth? No ma'am! If it's not on a spoon then Grant is the only person that's putting food in his mouth. It makes things ever so slightly difficult. Oh, and we discovered that instant mashed potatoes (yes, I'm that lazy) make his belly swell up so bad that he looks like one of those mail order kids that Sally Struthers is always trying to help.

Most recently Grant has discovered that his new-found mobility makes it much easier to torment poor Brodie. So for now, I'll leave you with this:

(Don't worry, Brodie frequently gets rewarded for choosing not to eat the baby.)

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  1. (Dana: HancockHeir): I can't believe he is walking so well! Yay for Grant. He is just sod arn on cute and really doesn't look like a baby anymore (sad...) :(


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