Friday, June 17, 2011

I Scream, You Scream

Brodie screams for ice cream. He really does. He gets so excited over his ice cream that he sounds like he's screaming. Yes, we are terrible doggie parents...we give him real ice cream (not every day). In my family we've always given our dogs real ice cream. There's something weird about those Frosty Paws and I can't see how they're any better for them than actual ice cream. But also, the little ice cream cups cost the same as Frosty Paws and you get three times as many. Sometimes I switch it up and buy him the sundae cups (yes, he even eats the chocolate) instead of plain vanilla. I've even come across sherbet cups. He's not picky. He'll eat any of it. We ran out of ice cream one day after he'd been promised it (you know, because he remembers stuff like that) so I froze some apple juice. Loved it.

Last week after Grant's check-up when we got home I let Brodie out as usual. He ended up staying out a little too long. I know this because he rarely "asks" to come inside. But it was apparently hot enough for him to come to the back door looking kind ragged and I could tell that hanging out under the deck wasn't cool enough that day. He deserved an ice cream (Ok, it was out of guilt - I may have forgotten he was outside) and he wagged his tail the entire time he was eating it.

After some playtime Grant ended up going down for a good nap. And with his belly full of a chocolate sundae Brodie enjoyed some baby-free peace and quiet relaxing in the sunny spot.

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