Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby's First Trip to the ER

Grant loves his bottle. I try to burp him half-way through it so he doesn't spit up all over the place following one giant burp at the end. It's hard to do because he pitches such a fit about it that it's easier to just let him have the whole thing. So I knew something wasn't right last night when I took the bottle out of his mouth and he didn't care. He was very warm and had no interest in the second half of the bottle. So I took his temperature - in his bum - and when it went to 101.1. The answering service at the pediatricians office told us to take him to an emergency room. From that point on we had two people in the house who needed medical attention. Grant for his fever and husband for his extreme anxiety.

We were seen very quickly at the ER and in "triage" they took Grant's temperature again...102.4. And the triage dude was a pro 'cause Grant pooped mid-temp taking and the guy never flinched (Note: see previous post about projectile poop). He was lucky though, the diaper blocked most of the poop shrapnel. It could have been a lot worse. Then they put us in a room and we waited for nurses and doctors and what-not.

Little Grant in the big ER bed!

To be honest, I don't remember the order of events last night. I know they stuck him with a needle to get blood - twice because it didn't work the first time. They stuck a q-tip way up his nose. They stuck a catheder in his little peeper several times for a urine sample with no luck. They would take it out, put his diaper back on and 5 minutes later...pee in the diaper. He had x-rays done and laid remarkably still for them. And then the poor little guy had to have a spinal tap. Husband had to leave the room for that one (he was a complete wreck the entire time), Mommy did really well. It was tough to hear him cry that hard but at least I was right there to hold him when they were done.

After all that, what they came up with was that he must have a virus. They finally let us go home at 3:00 a.m. and Grants temperature was down to 98.4. Today he spent the day at home with Mommy & Daddy. All of us took turns napping.

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  1. a spinal tap.. OMG............poor Grant!!! Guess it's good they don't remember these things :( Hope everyone is doing better today...


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