Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today our little man Grant is 12 weeks old! It's also our 4 year anniversary. Hooray for me and Husband! We were married at Bass Lake Park in Holly Springs, NC. The wedding was supposed to be at 2:00 but due to unforseen hiccups it was probably more like 2:30-3:00 (my sister got drunk the night before and made me incredibly late for my hair appointment which threw off the rest of the day - then had the nerve on the way back to her hotel to say "Can we stop at Chick-fil-a?"). But, other than the fact that I was late for my own wedding, it was a great day. So Happy Anniversary to me & Husband!
Getting married under the canopy deocorated by Mom & Aunt Bonnie

My favorite picture!

One of my other favorites.

Us with Judge Wills (we decided to do the judge thing...good decision).

Wedding Party
(my friend Elizabeth, my sister Shauna, me, Nate, Nate's dad, Nate's friend Casey)

Us with everyone who came down from NY
(Aunt Bonnie, Mom, Nate, Me, Shauna, Dad, AJ, and Jenny -
Note: my sister's boyfriend at the time was there too.
I had the photographer take one with him and one without in case they broke up. See him there? No? I'm a smart girl.)

Us with Nate's Mom's side of the family
(back row: stepdad Earl, Mom, Me, Nate, uncle Dykes;
front row: Grandma Marlene, brother Scotty, cousin Krisite, Aunt Debbie)

Us with Nate's Dad's side of the family
(brother "Sparky", sister Hollie, me, Nate, stepmom Veda, Nate's Dad)

I love this picture! It's my sister Shauna, my Mom, me & Aunt Bonnie.

Me & my Mom dancing to "Bobby McGee" while everyone else is cleaning up.
This is picture is extra special since we lost my earlier this year.

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  1. Love the pictures, it was a beautiful day and wedding! And were the bride, you can be late it sure wasn't going to start without you ;) You looked beautiful! The pics of you and your mom are really nice, they are priceless! Happy Anniversary, many many more!


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