Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Still My Favorite

For as long as I can remember, The Wizard of OZ has been my favorite movie. I still get excited when it comes on TV (even though I have two DVDs). When I was a kid I used to camp out in the living room with my sleeping bag until it came on and watch out if you tried to turn the channel! Back then we had a TV that you had to get up and manually turn the channels so I had the opportunity to attack like a lion preying on the weak member of a herd of buffalo. Not much of a threat because I hadn't yet reached my fat years (or as like to call them the years when I looked like "the girl who ate Tara").

Anyway! It was a surprise to me when The Wizard of OZ came on TV Friday night while I was doing "tummy time" with Grant.

Grant doing tummy time!
Husband left the room because I am oh so annoying when this movie is on (too bad he doesn't realize how annoying he is when Tommy Boy is on). I admit it. I know all the words and all the songs and stupid bits of useless trivia...and it makes me shamelessly happy. So, when Grant started to get fussy with his tummy time (he hates that he's flailing his arms and legs but not going anywhere) I put him in his baby gym to play.

It was when he turned his head towards the TV that it occurred to me that sometime in the near future I am going to be able to watch the movie that I so loved as a kid with MY kid! I can't wait to camp out on the floor with him and make him popcorn on the stove like my mom used to (in a pot with oil - none of this jiffy pop crap!) and watch The Wizard of OZ. He already seems excited about it :)

Grant watching Mommy's favorite movie!

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