Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

This year Easter kind of snuck up on me. I totally forgot about it. I know...bad Mama! But, I still managed to put together a little basket for Grant that he was very excited about. I didn't want to go overboard with his basket. Last year I just gave his basket to him, but this year I hid it! Of course, I helped him find it too. We walked all over the house trying to find it. (Husband apparently didn't see me hide it the night before and kept asking me who hid the basket. I was very tempted to say that it was the Easter Bunny!). We finally found it behind the rocking chair in Grant's room and he immediately shouted "Ball! Ball!" because he had a new football tucked in there among his new books, bubbles, and play foam (also some lollipops).

Showing Mama his bubbles.

Checking out a new book.

He immediately loved his new Poke-a-Dot book. It's
a counting book that you poke as you count.
See Daddy?
Of course Brodie got a little basket too.

We went to my Mother-in-law's house for Easter lunch. Before we ate, Grant got to open his giant basket from Grandma and Grandpa Earl. Which was - much to Grant's delight - fill with cars and trucks.

Can't you go any faster Grandpa?
After lunch they brought out a big basket of Easter eggs for Grant to play with. But I wanted to play with my new camera! So we went outside to see if we could get some cute Easter pictures and to let Grant burn off some energy.

Playing with Grandpa

Playing on the trampolene!

It's empty!

Grandma, Uncle Scotty, Daddy, and Grant

And we did actually manage to get a decent family picture before...

 Grant decided he was done.
 This is probably my favorite "serious" picture of the day:

There's nuffin in it?
  Sorry for the picture overload. Honestly, I have a ton more I could have posted. I'm loving my new camera! But anyway, as you can see we had a great Easter and I hope you guys did too!

Coming soon: Monster Jam! Stay tuned :)

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