Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby's First Easter

I've had so much to post lately! Grant's first Easter was a good one! We spent the day at my Mother-in-law's and ate way too much and were pretty lazy for the rest of the day. It was very exciting to make my first Easter basket! Obviously he can't have candy, so I sort of put some stuff in there that he needs and a little bit of fun stuff too.

Grant's first Easter basket!
Hmm...what's this?

Yay it's for me!
He pretty much just pulled stuff out of it and looked at it
until he realized...

What's that?

There's grass in the bottom!

The book we got him and his new teether Sophie the Giraffe. I was reluctant to get that for him but he seems to like it (although she's currently missing and I'm thinking she may be in my backseat.
Brodie got a basket too! I didn't want him to feel left out.

There was so much food! This is what I made:

Mac & Cheese in the crock pot - yum!
Hash Brown Casserole

A batch of molasses cookies
 And also the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie from my earlier post. There was all sorts of yummy stuff! We had a great meal and it's always nice to spend the day with family. Grant had a great - and exhausting - time playing with all his toys at Grandmas. I'm hoping to get a picture up soon of Grant with the giant stuffed bunny his Grandma got him for Easter. Hopefully I can get one of him not wrestling with it. What is it with him and wrestling stuffed animals? Anyway...since I don't have one of him with his bunny, how about one of him as a bunny?


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