Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 30 - A Picture Of Someone You Miss

Last day of the challenge!

Unfortunately, I can't pick just one. There are too many people I miss. So I'm putting them in the order that I started missing them.

Uncle Charlie who passed away June 20, 2006
(he was a Cal Ripken fan if you can't tell)

My Gram (here with my Mom) who passed away August 2, 2009

My Mom who passed away May 21, 2010
My Dad who passed away February 12, 2011


  1. No funny replies today I'm afraid. It's amazing how things can happen and in the blink of an eye, your whole life and future changes. To think that growing up it was Sharon,Brian,Gram,Dad,Mom,Shauna,AJ,Tara and Nick...and now it's literally HALF of that crew remaining....staggering. Easter this year was like, we should do something as a family! 2 people later, the roster was full, and reservations were set. 1 little booth housed us! We sat right next to where we sat last year and needed 2 tables. Wow.
    My heart still breaks for you and Shauna. You were so close to every person mentioned here.
    Sad way to end this challenge, and for the record I have very much enjoyed loggin on every day and checking this. I've learned alot about you and have had a great time laughing with/at you during these thirty days. I really hope you continue to write frequently on here.
    Love you and your tiny human, and your tall and handsome husband.

  2. Thanks for making me cry at work! But I love you too :)


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