Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Duck Tub

When we did our baby registries somehow Husband had control of the scanner. He would disappear while I was reading in the info on an item (car seat, bouncy seat, swing, etc.) and then come back and say "Do you like that? Do you want me to scan it?". I would go home and look at our registry online to find out that while he disappeared he was off scanning Nerf guns and things like that. Sometimes he would see something and ask if he could scan it "Oh my God, this is called Butt Paste! Can I scan the Butt Paste? How about Boogie Wipes? That's fun."

I think it was our first trip to Target when we started our registry that Husband caught sight of the duck tub:

"We have to scan this! Look at how much fun that baby is having!I want it." Husband said. He wasn't even trying to hide how excited he was. So I let him scan it. We got it at the shower and I think it was the gift that excited him the most. After Grant's first tub bath Nate asked when he would be big enough for the duck tub. At that point, Grant couldn't even hold his head up all the time let alone sit up in an inflatable tub by himself.

These days, things are different. Grant is going very well from crawling to sitting up to play with a toy. And he's always trying to move around in the baby tub. So the other night I broke out the duck tub. We have a serious lack of equipment in our garage that could help blow it up. So I did it. I can't believe I was still conscious to give Grant his bath. But I'm glad I was because he lit up when he saw the tub! And the beak squeaks which caused a very confused look on his face which I found very amusing.

I call that his old man smile.

He played!
He did this a lot. He kept running his hand along the
side of the tub trying to figure it out.
Even with a fun tub he still got distracted and tried
to pull up on the of the bathtub.

Loving the duck tub!


  1. LOL...I would have called that old man face too. it's his toothlessness!! I saved it, and am gonna put it on my facebook!! Tee hee

    uncle darky

  2. i was just talking about this thing to michael and told him that we needed to get it....i don't think he understood what I was describing so I'm so glad you posted this!


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