Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 5 - A Picture of Your Favorite Memory

It would be very easy to make this challenge all about Grant. But I don't want to do that so I'm trying not to. Lots of things fall under the "favorite memory" category...I don't have one favorite. So I picked this one.

This is what my summers looked like as a kid. My aunt Betty and uncle John live on the "lake" in Norwood and we spent SO much time there. I mean, come on, tell me that doesn't look like fun! There was a raft (in the back of the picture) that we jump and dive from. Sometimes people would try to sunbathe on it...but that never worked out well for them. Uncle John had a boat and he'd take us for rides, or tubing, and some people would go water skiing. I'm sure all our parents loved it because we were nothing but worn out by the end of the day. There were only two things that got us out of the water: food and lightening.

This is also where we had every Fourth of July picnic. More swimming, probably some games?, lots of food and usually at some point it would rain. It seemed to rain every Fourth of July. But that never stopped the *ahem* fireworks that Uncle John had (I'm not sure if they were legal. They probably wouldn't be now). I don't know why this picture makes me think of this, but I remember one year about 20 minutes after we'd all sat down to eat my Mom realized that she had dressed her burger bun completely and had eaten most of it only to realize that she forgot to put the burger on it! Funny. I'm pretty sure she finished it that way too.

Good times! The past few years that I've been home the swimming has been swapped out for some kayaking with my Sis. But I'm looking forward to taking Grant swimming when he's big enough!

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  1. damn it. Here's a picture that shows how lame I was as a kid. "look at me everyone!! LOOK AT ME!!" oh dear. I would have better off having had a fat-stage like everyone else! Instead I was an attention whore and super annoying. But yeah, good times. I will definitely take my kids there like our parents used to.



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